A lifted house is only as strong as the flood vents protecting it.

The aftermath of hurricanes and floods across the United States has left thousands of homes in need of lifting to comply with new federal flood elevation guidelines.

Any enclosure that is built below the raised house is required to have compliant flood vents to relieve the hydrostatic pressure off of the foundation walls in the event of a flood. Proper flood vents along with the correct building techniques will help guarantee you the lowest possible NFIP Flood Insurance Premium. 

Complete our Request Form to have an Authorized House Lifter contact you. They use FEMA-Accepted & ICC-ES Certified flood protection products. SMART VENT Foundation Flood Vents will keep your newly lifted home safe, secure, and sustainable. 

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Do you want to reduce your flood insurance premium? Upload your Elevation Certificate at www.yourfloodrisk.com for an evaluation by one of our Certified Floodplain Managers using our Flood Risk Evaluatorâ„¢. We determine which mitigation solutions are best suited for your situation.

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We work with House Lifters all around the country and developed this site to help reach those in need of their services. 

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FEMA Best Practice Story Reveals No Flood Damage for Homes Due To Flood Vents During Hurricane Sandy